As promised we will be hosting our next facebook PUNISHER CONTEST for The Vandals 18th Annual Winter Formal…and we will be announcing winners for BOTH dates! You can win tickets for both December 20th at The House of Blues in Anaheim, CA and December 21st at Slim’s San Francisco, CA!

What is a “PUNISHER”?
Those are people that somehow make it backstage and punish the band with their inane questions about music and gear and have sticky fingers when it comes to beer. Why shouldn’t that be you? This is YOUR chance to BE A PUNISHER!

To enter all you need to do is send our facebook page your best picture of you with merch from The Vandals or Kung Fu Records (this can involve t-shirts, albums, stickers, tattoos, ANYTHING) and let us know which show you want to win tickets to! We will collect these pictures until NOVEMBER 16th! Then we will post all the pictures at once in two folders, one for the Anaheim show and one for the San Francisco show!

The pictures with the highest likes and shares wins the tickets and passes! It’s that simple! The rules? The pictures must be something you would show your mom. No cuss words, extreme vulgarities, etc. No mean stuff in the pictures or the comments. We have the delete button and we can’t wait to use it. So be cool!

You can enter again if you have entered before, but not if you have won a PUNISHER contest previously! So that’s it! We’ll be launching all the pictures at the same time so no one will get a head start. Everyone has a fair shot!

Send our facebook page your pictures and we’ll get you entered into the contest! Remember the most likes and shares WINS!

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