Kung Fu Records is proud to announce that we will be releasing a 14 song collection of rare, out of print, and unreleased tracks from the early years of Tsunami Bomb. Set to release on LP, CD, and Digital in early 2016, the album will be titled, “TRUST NO ONE” and will pull songs from the previously out of print “B-Movie Queens” 7″, “Mayhem On The High Seas” 7″, and “The Invasion From Within” EP, as well as some hard to find and previously unreleased tracks from their pre-Kung Fu era. Previously these songs were only available to a select few, forcing people to download them at varying quality, so it’s very exciting to finally have them once more available!

Tsunami Bomb “Trust No One” LP track listing:
1. Lemonade (1999) (rare version)
2. Irish Boys
3. Obligation (previously unreleased version)
4. Mushy Love Song (previously unreleased version)
5. Breakaway
6. 3 Days & 1000 Nights
7. Rotting Vampire Eyeballs
8. Cantare Del Morte (The Halloween Song)
9. The Invasion From Within
10. No One’s Looking
11. No Good Very Bad Day
12. Marionette
13. Lemonade (2000)
14. …Not Forever


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